Whats My Car Worth

Whats My Car Worth

About Whats My Car Worth

To classic car lovers, their vehicles may be priceless, but to expert appraisers it comes down to dollars and sense. What’s My Car Worth takes viewers on a tour of the greatest garages in the U.S. Car assessment experts offer sellers their best bets, and the final price tag is determined on the auction block by the top bidder.

365 GTB/ 4 Daytona22:02
The GNX - Buick's Last Muscle Car22:02
Gallardo Spyder22:02
Rosso Corsa 512TR22:02
Million Dollar Ferrari22:02
Legendary 289 Cobra22:02
1991: Ferrari vs. Alfa Romeo22:03
Survivor Sting Ray22:02
Quick Silver Ford GT22:02
Multi-Million Dollar Miura SV22:02
Last Air-Cooled 911 Turbo22:02
Mopar Muscle22:02
Saleen's S7: America's Supercar22:02