Unique Rides

Unique Rides

About Unique Rides

Unique Rides features Will Castro and Team Unique as they turn out one-of-a-kind custom autos for a global client base of A-list celebrities, professional athletes, corporate clients and more from their design shop in Long Island.

Jason Derulo's Money Green Caddy43:38
Busta's Bus & OBJ's Benz43:38
Rollin' With the Mahomies43:38
Jeeps and Johnny Legs43:38
Revenge of the Thing43:40
'Melo's Wrangler43:38
Nick Cannon’s Muscle Car Makeover43:38
CHiPS & Rolls…43:38
Geraldo’s Beat Up Pickup & A Pro Player’s Dream Ride43:38
Fat Joe’s Range & A Bitchin’ Wide Body ‘Vette43:38
Mike Epps Camaro43:38
Khaled's Key Edition43:38
Nas' Illmatic Benz43:35
Mario Lopez's Killer Cobra43:36
Off Road Restos43:35
Fast & Furious43:35
Ice T's Karma & Lemonade Out of Caprice43:35
Classic Jag for the Piano Man43:35
Business in the Front, Party in the Back43:36