ShowsEpisode 1300:22:02High School Truck

About Truck U

As a how-to show dedicated exclusively to trucks, 4x4s and SUV's, Truck U finds monster-truck expert Matt Steele and master mechanic Bruno Massel involved in hands-on projects crucial to serious off-roading and truck performance.

Pick-Up the Pieces22:02
Billie Hop22:02
Off-Road Toyota22:02
Trail Rocker22:02
Collector Truck22:02
Warranty Is Up22:02
Friend Zone22:03
Recovery Vehicle22:02
It's A Jeep Day!22:02
Road Rescue - LS Canyon22:02
YJ Project Part 222:02
Grand Canyon22:02
Clean to Custom22:02
Color Match22:02
Fishing Trucks22:02
Back to Stock22:02
Patina Shortbed22:02
Revived Raptor22:02
Day in the Dirt22:03
Chevy Day22:02
Beat the Drum22:02
Outdoors Jeep22:02
LS Blazer22:02
Fleet F15022:03
Buggy Maintenance22:02
Longbed to Shortbed Conversion22:02
7.3L Common Problems22:02
Propane Injection22:02
New Jeep JL22:02
Old vs New GMC22:02
Viking on 36s!22:02
Clean C1022:02
GMC Body Repair22:02
Ram EcoDiesel22:02
Jeep JL22:02
Aftermarket Options22:02
1946 GMC Shortbed22:02
Dodge Truck Maintenance22:02
Jeep JK/JL22:02
Veterans' Truck22:02
Boss’ Work Truck22:02
K5 Blazer22:02
Hit the Trails22:02
Father-Son Step-Side Project22:02
Jeepin' Up With Jones22:02
Ford Fuel Problems22:02
High School Truck22:02