Top Truck Challenge

Top Truck Challenge

About Top Truck Challenge

Four Wheeler's Top Truck Challenge is one of America's most extreme off-road competitions. Strap in and hold on with the editors of Four Wheeler as an elite group of 10 drivers and their incredible 4x4s, selected by Four Wheeler's readers, tackle obstacles constructed specifically to stop them in their tracks!

The Tow Test! - 2013 Top Tuck Challenge10:13
Frame Twister and Mud Pit! - 2013 Top Truck Challenge15:09
Obstacle Course, Hill Climb, and Coal Chute! - 2013 Top Truck Challenge21:29
Tank Trap Part 1! - 2013 Top Tuck Challenge12:56
Tank Trap Part 2 & Crowning a Winner! - 2013 Top Truck Challenge13:07
The Tow Test and Frame Twister! - 2014 Top Truck Challenge20:29
The Mini Rubicon and Obstacle Course! - 2014 Top Truck Challenge20:35
Hill Climb and Coal Chute! - 2014 Top Truck Challenge19:44
Tank Trap Part 1! - 2014 Top Truck Challenge20:29
Tank Trap Part 2 & Crowning a Winner! - 2014 Top Truck Challenge19:54
The Tow Test and Frame Twister! - 2015 Top Truck Challenge23:40
Obstacle Course and Coal Chute!- 2015 Top Truck Challenge25:55
The Mini Rubicon and Hill Climb! - 2015 Top Truck Challenge22:03
Tank Trap Part 1! - 2015 Top Truck Challenge21:28
Tank Trap Part 2 & Crowning a Winner! - 2015 Top Truck Challenge23:43