About Top Gear Specials

Top Gear’s legendary ‘Specials’ are where you can join our hosts in some of their most extreme adventures. These feature-length films take the boys across Vietnam on motorcycles, through the rainforests of Bolivia in cheap second-hand SUVs, and pitch them in a race to the North Pole featuring a husky sled versus a Toyota pickup. In these circumstances, anything can go wrong and usually does… .

Top Gear: India Special1:27:31
Top Gear: Vietnam Special1:13:36
Top Gear: Bolivia Special1:16:30
Top Gear: East Coast Road Trip1:06:29
Top Gear: Middle East Special1:16:25
Top Gear: Africa Special Part 159:14
Top Gear: Africa Special Part 258:02
Top Gear: Burma Special Part 11:03:13
Top Gear: Burma Special Part 21:02:12
Top Gear: US Roadtrip Special59:37
Top Gear: Botswana Special51:36
Top Gear: Festival Sydney49:14
Top Gear: Patagonia Part 11:02:22
Top Gear: Patagonia Part 21:03:13
Top Gear: Polar Special1:02:07
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip1:25:02
Top Gear: The Perfect Italian Road Trip1:34:38
Top Gear: The Worst Car In The History Of The World1:13:29
Top Gear: Winter Olympics Special59:29