About The Racing Line

The Racing Line presented by Tire Rack is the new performance driving series hosted by pro driver and Motor Trend hot shoe Randy Pobst! Come along for the ride as Randy hits the racetrack to teach you the fundamentals of driving fast!

Oversteer: The Party Drug of Driving!8:33
Passing: Know How to Dominate!8:00
Shifting: Don't Be a Shift Knob!8:20
The Only Line You Need7:07
Brake Yourself Fool7:23
The Skidpad - Slave to the Limit!5:47
Street Tires vs Track Tires: Oooooh That Sticky Icky!6:52
Understeer - Your Overprotective Mother6:55
AWD vs. RWD vs. FWD: Know How to Handle Your Junk!5:54
Smooth vs. Aggressive: Which is Faster?6:47
Pushing Your Weight Around, Weight Management or Heavy Tires!5:52
“Humps and the Bumps”10:51
Track Battle! Randy vs Justin in the Lexus RC F, GS F & LC 50019:04