About Sema Week

SEMA Week begins with a whole week of videos dedicated to bringing you an exlusive inside look at SEMA, the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

Hot Rods, Muscle Cars & Drifting with Tanner Foust! - 2013 SEMA Week8:26
Euro & JDM Tuners Plus the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia! - 2013 SEMA Week10:43
Trucks, Buggies, Winches & Light Bars! - 2013 SEMA12:05
SEMA Drag Race! '70 Mustang vs Porsche 911 vs Ultra Four Buggy - 2013 SEMA Wee...13:31
Hot Rods and the World's Fastest Street Cars with Finnegan! - 2014 SEMA Week11:21
Tuner Cars and a 1200 Horsepower Nissan GT-R! - 2014 SEMA Week8:46
OEMs & SEMA After Dark with Jessi Lang! - 2014 SEMA Week9:04
Trucks, Tires, Winches & Offroad Suspension Upgrades with Fred! - 2014 SEMA We...8:00
SEMA Drag Race: Hellcat vs Blasphemi vs Jeep FC vs Sonic! - 2014 SEMA Week10:00
Hot Rods and Art Cars with Finnegan!23:49
OEMs and NISMOs with Jessi Lang! Plus the 370Z Challenge18:19
Tuner Cars, Nissan Sunny Pickups and a 1100HP GTR with Mike Sabounchi16:35
Off-Grid Campers, New Diesel Titans and Off Road Tires with Fred Williams8:47
SEMA Drag Race: 240Z vs 370Z vs GTR vs Trophy Truck!8:12