Junkyard Gold Trailer30
'67 Coronet R/T, Formula Firebird, '49 Woody & 60’s Vans at Bernardston Auto W...18:06
’73 Petty Blue Road Runner, ’67 Ford Fairlane GT, ’57 Jeep FC, and More in Ru...21:45
’70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ’68 Pontiac GTO, Four-Speed Mercury Cougar, and More i...23:57
’62 Dodge Lancer GT, ’61 DeSoto, ’54 Dodge Royal Pace Car, and More Mopars in ...25:56
’59 Ford Skyliner, ’63 Chevy Corvair Van-Cake, ’79 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniv...23:24
Super-Rare Dual-Quad ’64 Buick Wildcat, ’77 Chevy Monza Mirage, ’78 Plymouth F...26:12
Bizarre ’63 Aluminum-Block Rambler, Sputnik-Inspired ’60 Lincoln Continental M...22:00
’61 Chevy Impala, ’67 Olds 4-4-2 Dirt Track Racer, Tree-Hugging Old Car City, ...27:14
Roadkill's Junkyard Gold Trailer30
Rust-Free in AZ: Hunting for Roadkill’s Next Project!22:44
Delectable Derelicts: Exploring Rarities at Turner’s Auto Wrecking23:54
Desert Treasure: Roadkill’s Next Junkyard Rescue Found!25:16
Forest Finds: in the Weeds in NASCAR Country!23:41
Detroit Fights Back: Gas-Crunch Beaters!23:08
Uncovered and Undercover: Roadkill’s Next Rescue!23:35
Junkyard Mecca: Over 70 Acres of Possibilities!24:06