ShowsEpisode 1200:22:05Attention! Restoration

About Restoration Garage

At The Guild, Canada's #1 restoration shop, David Grainger and his team salvage rare classic gems from around the world. Whether it's rebuilding a unique century-old French De Dion vehicle or resuscitating the engine of a 1969 Ford Road Runner GTX, David's crew turns rust into gold while hitting a few bumps in the road.

Delahaye Fever22:04
Farm Boy22:03
Spring Cleaning22:05
Alfa Dogs22:03
High and Mighty22:02
Hot Wheels, Hot Deals22:04
Full Circles22:02
Running on Fumes22:04
A Cord Accord22:03
Built for Speed22:03
Along Came a Spyder22:03
Storage Treasures22:03
Restoration Overload22:03
Mopar Nut22:04
Altitude Sickness22:03
No Horse Power22:03
Hat Trick22:03
Auto Reboot22:04
Rat Rod Love22:03
A Piecing of History22:03
A Classic Coach22:03
Collection Obsession22:03
The Little Engines That Couldn't22:03
The Belly Tank Racer22:03
Peace, Love, and Cars22:03
Cord Confusion22:03
Old Yeller22:03
Muscle Car Mania22:03
Handcrafted Perfection22:03
Lancia Love22:05
Panhard Lemon22:03
Speed and the Demon22:03
California Car Art22:04
Choppin’ Tops22:03
Precious Metal22:03
Attention! Restoration22:05