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ShowsEpisode 1000:22:222004 Car of the Year!

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2002 Truck of the Year Competition at Hungry Valley, CA23:09
Mercedes, BMW, and the 2002 Chicago Auto Show!22:21
Porsche 911 Targa, BMW 745i and the 2003 Landrover Range Rover!22:02
2002 Acura NSX!22:08
Performance car experience!22:04
Mario Andretti!22:18
Buyer's Guide Edition of Motor Trend TV!22:14
Shelby Cobras and American Bred Muscle - Dodge Viper vs Corvette Z06!22:12
Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year!22:08
Car of the Year!22:10
Best of 2002 and Truck of the Year!23:00
LA and Detroit Auto Shows and an offroad H2 adventure!22:26
Corvette's 50th Anniversary!22:42
Convertibles, midsize SUVs, and first drives of two of Chrystler's newest mode...22:24
Top Speed Shootout!22:17
Compacts, coupes and roadsters!22:20
Desert racing and roadsters from Cadillac, Lexus, and Mercedes!21:59
2005 Ford GT!22:07
2004 Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year!22:29
2004 Car of the Year!22:22