ShowsEpisode 1300:41:33The Cooler

About Misfit Garage

On Fast N' Loud, Richard Rawlings fired or had serious "issues" with several brilliant and colorful mechanics at Gas Monkey Garage. Now, four of these Gas Monkey "rejects" have decided to start their own shop in the garage's original location in hopes of competing and beating Richard at his own game.

Fired Up About A '67 Chevelle41:34
Fired Up About A Chevelle Part II41:34
Jazzed About A '57 Gasser41:38
Jazzed About A '57 Gasser Part II41:33
Furious ’65 Fastback Part I41:34
Furious ’65 Fastback Part II41:34
One, Nasty Nova Part I41:34
One, Nasty Nova Part II41:34
Flipped for a '69 Chevy Shortbed, Part I42:34
Flipped for a '69 Chevy Shortbed, Part II42:34
A Rusty, Crusty '67 Camaro Part I42:34
A Rusty, Crusty ’67 Camaro Part II42:34
A '31 Ford Hot Rod and '71 Holy Grail Cuda42:34
The '71 Holy Grail Cuda/Goodbye Little Richard42:34
The Race to Finish the '71 Holy Grail Cuda42:34
Revving up the '31 Ford Hotrod42:34
Launching a ’69 Satellite42:36
Launching a ’69 Satellite, Part 242:34
Crushed GTO and Chopped '41 Ford42:33
Crushed GTO and Chopped '41 Ford, Part 242:34
’57 Corvette42:34
’57 Corvette, Part 242:34
Sue’s Custom ’56 Ford42:34
Sue’s Custom ’56 Ford, Part 242:34
Guardian of the Galaxie42:34
Galaxie Quest: Barrett Jackson42:34
Wrestling with Disaster42:34
Truckin’ It with Trejo42:34
The Original Rum Runner42:34
Booze in the Hood42:34
Klump in the Road42:34
What Klump?42:34
Spurred for a Ford41:34
Boom or Bust41:34
Air Picking We Shall Go41:34
Chasing a Six Figure Dream41:34
Fired Up for a Jeep41:34
Muddy Payday41:34
Gleams with a Sunliner41:34
Stars Align41:34
Fair Game for a Fairlane41:33
Fairlane Gets Fired Up41:34
The Story of FU41:33
Fired Up and Throwing Down41:34
Blaze It Up41:34
X Marks The Parts41:34
Wires and Misfires41:34
Street Fighting 70 1/2 Camaro41:34
A Jurassic Sized Adventure41:34
United Kingdom of Misfits41:34
Minor Fire41:34
Orange You Glad41:34
Pound Town41:34
Barter Bucket41:34
The Cooler41:33