Michael Waltrip Racing A New Era

Michael Waltrip Racing A New Era

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About Michael Waltrip Racing A New Era

Forming a brand new race team, with a new manufacturer and drivers PLUS an all new car for 2007? It seems like an impossible task, but that is just what NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip did in 2006. See how this incredible story unfolded over the course of 11 episodes.

The Challenge Begins46:46
Three Teams for Daytona47:20
Building and Testing44:47
Support of TRD44:56
Halloween Hijinx45:00
The Unthinkable45:01
Can't Drive 5545:01
Training Training45:01
Dialing It In44:57
Daytona by way of The Bahamas44:56
Daytona Controversy44:57