About Last Stop Garage

A colourful crew of ingenious mechanics who operate out of CRB Automotive – a family-owned garage in North West River, located at one of the furthest driveable points on the eastern seaboard. Using sometimes questionable backwoods resourcefulness, the clever automotive-hack specialists put their “mechanical magic” to work, fixing and building just about anything for anyone in their remote town of 553 residents. With a whole lot of heart, they “get’er done”, Labrador style. Just as the community relies on the shop, the mechanics rely on the eccentric locals for wisdom, parts, and a helping hand.

Bad Mudder22:02
No Groomer to Spare22:03
Paved with Good Intentions22:02
All Weather Fan22:03
Built Like a Tank22:03
Skidder Done22:03
Grit Hits the Fan22:03
Rink Dreams22:03
Backwoods Damaged Goods22:04
Lust for Rust22:03
Northern Stage Coach22:03
Rescue Barge No Charge22:03
How to Build a Labrador Rat Rod22:23
How To Build a Gourmet Food Boat22:23
How To Build a Search & Rescue Jet Boat22:23
How To Build a Water Skipper22:23
How To Build a Better Stair Truck22:23
How To Build a Better Bog Truck22:23
How To Build a Gasifier22:23
How To Build a Labrador Dirt Bike22:23
How To Build a Log Tractor22:23
How To Build a Medi-Sled22:23
How To Build a Dog Sled Van22:03
How To Build a Labrador Hunting Truck22:03