ShowsEpisode 600:43:35A True JDM Legend

About Jdm Legends

Eric, Josh, and Mauricio are taking Japanese Domestic Market classics and creating legendary builds that rival any other you’ll find stateside. But don’t take our word for it. Ask their growing following and they’ll tell you once you’ve looked, you’re hooked.

Datsun 240Z21:54
Skyline Blue Light19:41
’72 Silver Skyline19:46
Datsun 51019:11
’72 Hakosuka GTX17:07
Skyline GT-R20:36
We are JDM Legends43:35
The Blue Light Special43:44
Red Hood Bad Luck43:34
Road Ready43:34
The Engine Swap Experiment43:34
A True JDM Legend43:35