ShowsEpisode 1300:43:34We Belong Together

About Graveyard Carz

The Graveyard Carz crew take wrecked muscle cars and restore them to assembly-line condition. Led by Mark "The Warmachine" Worman, the crew works some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again.

Elephant in a '6943:35
From Road Runner to Superbird43:35
Roaming the Restorations43:35
Taming a 1971 Challenger R/T43:39
Privilege to Drive a '68 GTX Convertible43:35
Mark Unwrapped43:39
Dude, Where's Alyssa's Car43:35
A Fly in the Ointment43:35
Will Gets Grumpy43:35
Phantom's 440 Six Barrel43:35
Cap'ing-off the Challenger43:35
67 Hemi GTX Convertible Resurrected43:35
72 Charger SE Resurrected43:39
Grin and Bear a ‘Cuda43:35
General Lee Considered43:35
Operation Firepower43:35
The Roadrunner Gives Me a Hemi43:35
Judgement Day43:35
Cuda 'Tat43:35
What We Do For a Buck43:35
Daytona vs. Hellcat43:35
Firepower Un-Boxed43:36
Mopar or No Car43:35
Firepower Operation43:35
Disneyland of Carz43:35
The Phantom 'Cuda Rides Again43:35
General Assemble Lee43:35
Put Up Your Dukes43:35
General Deliver Lee43:34
Inner Workings of a Victim43:35
Dueling Drivetrains43:33
Getting Schooled43:35
Roadrunner With a Twist43:35
Engines, Assemblies, and Dougie, Oh My!43:34
I Love the Smell of Plum Crazy in the Morning43:35
Gone in 60 Days43:34
A Buck Shorted43:34
The Phoenix Cuda43:35
SEMA Has Eyes on a Hellbird43:32
'68 GTX vs. Echo Bomber43:35
Pilot Takes Flight43:34
Surveying the Will to Work43:35
What’s Next?43:35
Performance with a Touch of Luxury43:35
Dissecting a Daytona43:35
Exorcize a Demon43:34
Frankenstein's Work43:35
Look to the West for B5 Blue43:35
A Challenger Reflected43:36
Mark, Dougie, Allysa, Oh My!43:38
Shaking the Magic 8-Ball43:35
Rapping Up the Dash43:35
Everybody Loves Raymond43:38
Upshift Creek43:36
It's a Duster Buster43:35
Carbituary: Charger43:35
1.5 Million Dollar Baby43:37
Willie, Paint it Black?43:35
The A100 Team43:35
Night of the Little Dead Wagon43:35
Carbituary: Cuda43:35
Duster in the Wind43:37
B5: Before & After43:36
The Last WS27R on Earth43:36
Taking Home the Bronze43:34
Hellephant in the Room43:34
Rallye the Troops43:34
This is Boring43:34
Allysa's Billboard Hit43:34
Raise the Roof43:34
To Beep, or Not to Beep43:34
Amentini, Shaken Not Stirred43:33
Baptism By Fire43:34
Parking in Violet-ion43:34
The Real Life of GYC43:34
Gimme the Green-Light43:34
Take It To the Limit43:34
For the Love of Money43:34
Whole Lotta Love43:34
It Don't Come Easy43:35
You Can't Always Get What You Want43:34
You're the One I Want43:36
Only the Strong Survive43:34
A Long and Winding Road43:35
Just the Way You Are43:34
Bad to the Bone43:34
Beast of Burden43:34
We Belong Together43:34