ShowsEpisode 900:41:30Space Junky Part 3

About Full Custom Garage

Full Custom Garage is an automotive reality TV series featuring master car builder Ian Roussel and his wild projects. Ian's over-ambitious ideas and crazy clients constantly get him in hot water, and he's got no choice but to work his magic and build his way out. It's gonna be a wild ride and Ian ain't stopping till it's Full Custom!

Big Truckin’41:45
Bugged Out41:35
Chopper Trike41:26
Hot Rod41:25
Dune Buggy41:45
'55 Oldsmobile Part 141:24
'55 Oldsmobile Part 241:35
Ultimate Shop Van42:05
Bubble Top 141:15
Bubble Top Part 241:25
Custom Packartd41:26
Antique Tow Truck41:45
Three Wheelin'41:41
70'S Mini Kit Van41:40
Cartoon Hot Rod Part 141:40
Cartoon Hot Rod Part 241:45
Two Falcons Part 141:45
Two Falcons Part 241:46
Vintage Motorcycles41:45
Hot Rod Fire Truck41:45
Jack's Wild Ride Part 141:46
Jack's Wild Ride Part 239:10
Ten Ton Truck41:45
Back From the Dead Hot Rods42:04
Back From the Dead II Custom Cars41:25
Best Builds Season 141:45
Best Builds Season 241:35
Lead Sled Challenge Part 140:55
Lead Sled Challenge Part 241:06
Space Junky Part 141:45
Space Junky Part 241:45
Space Junky Part 341:30