About Faster With Finnegan

Do you think you can make your junk go faster in one weekend with a little extra cash? Mike Finnegan, along with Mike Cotten and David Newbern, think it’s possible and they’re going to show you how. Follow along as they live the Roadkill life and dive in to the ideology, technology, and duct tape-ology it takes to build a better beater in a matter of hours without breaking the bank.

Faster with Finnegan | Official Trailer35
Series Premiere! Big Speed Gains: Cheap and Fast!40:09
Boosted Bird vs the Draguar!35:20
Vette Kart Rally Racing!41:57
K5 Blazer LS Swapin’ a Mud Truck!44:39
Nascarlo vs Death Metal Charger!44:06
No-Prep Dirt Drag Racing!44:04