ShowsEpisode 800:43:35Metro Mayhem Part 2

About Fantomworks

Dan Short's bustling shop, FantomWorks, is the largest automotive restoration shop in America. Dan and his team only have a heart for those who genuinely love their cars. Every car has a story, but if you can't prove to Dan that you truly care about your car and want the job done right then he won't accept your business.

1963 Corvette and 1931 Model A Hot Rod43:34
1965 Mustang and 1951 Studebaker Truck43:38
1964 Impala and 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon43:34
1966 VW Beetle and 1976 TR6 convertible43:33
1965 Cadillac DeVille and 1984 Monte Carlo43:34
Tip of the Iceberg43:36
Fast & Dangerous43:36
Mach Speed43:39
Size Does Matter43:39
Buyer Beware43:41
Ticket to Ride43:37
Race to the Finish43:40
Good after Bad43:43
Speed & Style43:42
All or Nothing43:36
Hidden Surprises43:40
Expect the Unexpected43:43
One of a Kind43:42
Wrangle This!43:46
All Metal Mustang43:36
Wet & Wild43:37
Throwing Heat43:36
Damaged Goods43:38
Now You See It43:41
Thunder Time43:42
High Impact43:34
Road to SEMA43:39
85 in the Fast Lane43:37
Because I Can43:34
Nightmare on Hampton Blvd.43:34
Tough Act to Follow42:34
Cold Day in Hell43:36
Beast Mode43:35
If It Sprays, It Stays43:34
All Revved Up43:37
Sole Survivor43:41
Night Prowler43:38
One Salty Shelby43:40
One Tough Customer43:37
Beauty and the Bee43:37
A Bumpy Ride43:34
French Fried43:37
Fantomworks Goes Postal43:36
Shake and Bake43:36
A Perfect 1043:36
That Sinking Feeling43:35
Snake Bite43:36
Rags and Riches43:37
Flathead 'til I'm Dead43:36
Chevy Shock43:36
Kit Car Chaos43:34
Tri Power Trails43:34
Another Bricklin the Wall43:36
Mismatching Numbers43:34
Busted Knuckle43:34
Easier Said43:34
Decades to Drive43:42
One for Ole Miss43:35
One Mad Mustang Part 143:35
One Mad Mustang Part 243:36
Beetle Juiced43:34
Against the Grain43:35
Bow Tie 'til I Die43:34
Flatheads Forever43:36
Brick by Bricklin43:34
Elephant in the Room43:35
Metro Mayhem Part 143:34
Metro Mayhem Part 243:35