ShowsEpisode 900:43:34Let the Good Times Roll

About Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne Carini, a Connecticut-based Ferrari expert and master restorer, scours the countryside in search of classic automobiles that have been hidden away in barns and shacks for 60+ years. Follow these cars from their unearthing to the auction block on Chasing Classic Cars.

London or Bust!43:34
Need for Speed(ster)!22:02
Vegas Gold!22:02
Studebaker Time Machine!22:02
Million-Dollar Finds22:02
Here Kitty, Kitty...22:02
Jersey Style!22:02
Auburns Have More Fun!22:02
Ultra Rare Rides!22:03
Island Time!22:02
Just a Little Patience22:02
Hey There, Hot Stutz43:34
Whip It Good43:34
Beetle Mania22:02
Going Topless22:02
Dats Loco22:02
Big Brass Ones22:02
The Foot Long22:02
Highway to Hellcat22:02
Ramblin' Man22:02
It's All About the Race22:02
Driving Miss Joplin22:00
It's a Size Joke22:02
American Shopper22:02
A Collectors Collection22:02
Diamond in the Rough22:02
Little Racers, Big Dollars22:02
This Porsche Is Shot22:02
Rain Man Buick22:03
Along Came a Spider22:02
A 40 Year Secret Shelby GT22:02
King of the Hill22:02
American Muscle22:02
Hot Wheels22:02
The Search For My Dad's Car22:02
Road to Minerva(na)43:34
A-List B Cars22:02
Bearcar Boys & Porsche Toys22:02
Every Ferrari has a SAAB Story22:02
Ford GT40 vs. Ferrari Take Two22:02
Stellar Stangeullini, Boss Bandini22:02
Wayne's Good Karma(ann) Ghias22:02
Two Times the Barn Finds22:02
ReVere's Wild Ride22:02
Restoring a Stutz Special22:02
Speedsters Race for Pink Slips22:02
No Choke, No Smoke22:02
You Can Hear the Supercharger!22:02
FDR's Daily Driver22:02
Motorcycles & a Lambo: That's What's for Dinner22:02
Burning for a Boattail & a 944 Porsche22:02
Two Midget Racers and a Truck to Tow Them22:02
SuperMopar! EPA Superbird & a Superbee22:03
3 Abarths & a Kaiser22:02
Porsche 4Cam vs. Steve Jobs’ BMW Z843:34
Racing Record Monza, Bucking Bronco, and Vincent Motos43:36
Chevy Surprise & Lucky Lamborghini43:34
100 Year Old Harley43:35
Coupe! (There It Is)43:34
Ford GT40 & A Flying Banana43:35
Commander in Chief43:34
Wheels & Deals43:34
XKE Marks the Spot43:35
Hurray for Jollywood!43:34
One Car Wonder43:34
Wayne's Gotta Wait43:34
No Replacement For Displacement43:34
(AC) Ace in the Hole43:34
3 Million Mile Volvo43:34
Shouldn't Be Selling It43:34
10 Million Dollar Fixer Upper43:34
Twist and Scout43:34
Let the Good Times Roll43:34