ShowsEpisode 200:22:02Project FJ40

About Car Fix

Step inside the ultimate “how-to” series featuring the talents of Bryan Fuller and Jeremy Bumpus. In CAR FIX, this dynamic duo showcases special hands-on automotive projects including modifications, upgrades and repairs using high-end performance and aftermarket products that car junkies can’t wait to get their hands on.

Custom Diffuser22:02
Fox Body Mustang22:02
Work Truck Reborn22:02
The Long and Short of It22:02
Gettin' Low22:02
Indy Pace Camino22:02
Samurai Power22:02
Project 3722:02
Nothing Rides Like a Deere22:01
The Collector22:02
Yard Find22:02
Sleeper Mustang22:02
Chevy Project22:01
I've Got a Plan22:02
Caddy Brake Upgrade22:02
The Riddler22:02
“You like my Cuda?”22:02
How low can you go?22:02
The Journey Starts Here22:02
Happy Trees22:02
Welding 10122:02
It Moved22:02
Drift Cobra22:02
Supercharged C622:02
Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 121:50
Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 222:02
Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 322:02
'71 Stabil Camaro Reveal22:02
Ferrari F1 Spider22:03
Skylark Project: Part 121:48
BMW Madness22:02
Skylark Project: Part 221:50
A Picker's Dream22:02
Challenging Pair21:50
Proven Tough22:02
LS1 Cam Swap21:09
Z28 Engine Swap22:02
Nomad Floor22:02
Toyota Rock Racer22:02
Le Mans GTO22:02
All About the Details22:02
Trans Am Part 222:02
F100 Transformed22:02
Blown 67 Camaro22:02
JK Supercharged Pt. 122:02
JK Four-Linked Part 222:02
Cut Low22:02
Drag Duster22:02
Top End Kit22:02
Dyno Tuned Porsche22:02
Street Mudder22:02
Rare Bird22:02
Firebird Fit and Finish22:02
Big Block, Big Problem22:02
Modern American Muscle22:02
Stranded GTO22:02
Numbers Matching Block22:02
Crate Engine22:02
Hoods Up22:02
NorthStar Transplant22:02
Flathead Ford22:02
Factory Syclone22:02
700 HP ZL122:02
Super Exotic22:02
LS Trans AM22:02
Gen 1 Viper22:02
Big Time Top22:02
Custom Supra22:02
Diesel Sedans22:02
50 Years of Camaro22:02
Ferrari Fix22:02
IROC Burnout22:02
EcoBoost Dyno Time22:02
Fox Body Brake Conversion22:02
Z28 Track Fast22:02
Rickey Gadson Racer22:02
E Class AMG22:02
Hemi Swap22:02
Hemi Swap Pt. 222:02
GTI Clutch22:02
Old School G Series Van22:02
80's Restore22:02
Demon Hunter22:03
Monte Carlo LS22:03
575 Exhaust22:02
Shelby GT22:02
IROC Convertible22:02
Hot Rod Power Tour Build22:02
Time to Ride-Power Tour22:02
Cammer Saleen22:02
Mini Restoration22:02
9 sec 991 Porsche22:02
Four Wheel Drive to All Wheel Drive22:02
Tubular Fox Body22:02
Ford Galaxie22:02
LT4 G-Body22:02
Plymouth GTX22:02
Delorean Noise22:02
BMW Transplant22:02
Audi R822:02
Street Leagl Race Car22:02
2008 Porsche 911 and 1971 Plymouth GTX22:02
1985 El Camino22:02
Lotus & Lambo22:02
1967 Ford Fairlane GT22:02
Supercharged Bel-Air22:02
2012 Cadillac CTS-V22:02
Miata What22:02
Diesel Engine Swap22:03
Love It Or List It22:02
"Public Enemy" 33 Hot Rod22:02
Project FJ4022:02