ShowsEpisode 1900:43:33Williams vs. Compton

About Biker Build-off

In just thirty days two of the world's greatest motorcycle fabricators will each build a one-off custom bike. Then they will meet and ride their amazing creations hundreds of miles to a motorcycle event at which the people will decide which fabricator has made the coolest bike.

Jerry Covington vs. Warren Vesely43:23
Jesse Rooke v. Ron Finch43:24
Russell Mitchell v. The Detroit Brothers43:22
Indian Larry v. Mondo Pouras43:54
Chica v. Mike Pugliese43:22
Cory Ness v. Eric Gorges43:21
Hank Young v. Cole Foster43:21
Joe Martin v. Zero Engineering42:22
Kendall Johnson v. Eddie Trotta43:23
Matt Hotch v. Rick Fairless43:23
Arlen Ness v. Roland Sands43:23
The Ultimate Chop1:26:28
Indian Larry Tribute43:23
Mike Metzger vs. Larry Linkogle43:28
Kevin Alsop vs. Ivy Trosclair42:33
Trevelen vs. Scott Long43:30
Roland Sands vs. Jesse Rooke42:33
Marcus Walz vs. Mike Prugh43:34
El Pitts vs. Harold Ponterelli42:30
Gypsy Charro vs. Kim Suter43:32
Craig Whitford vs. Mike Long40:34
Detroit Bros vs. Jason Kangas43:33
Brian Klock vs. Jason Hart42:28
Paul Yaffe vs. Dave Perewitz43:33
Matt Hotch vs. Roger Goldammer43:32
Hart vs. Hollinger42:30
Chica vs. Barragan42:33
Trevelen vs. Paul Cox and Keino42:31
Westbury vs. Fuller43:33
Norakas vs. Webster43:34
Williams vs. Compton43:33