American Chopper Senior Vs Junior

American Chopper Senior Vs Junior

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About American Chopper Senior Vs Junior

Once partners, they are now fierce competitors at contending motorcycle shops. Senior continues his struggle to keep OCC afloat during difficult financial times, while Junior is now on a mission to expand his fledgling design company and return to his bike-building roots. Who will come out on top as OCC and Paul JR Designs start cranking out competing bikes, side by side, on American Chopper Sr. vs Jr..

Domani Studios Bike42:32
Window World Bike43:34
ESAB Bike43:34
Meteorite Men Bike43:33
PJD Bike Part 143:34
PJD Bike Part 2, Geico Bike Part 1, and FBI Bike43:34
Lawless Drag Bike Part 1, PJD Bike Part 3, and Geico Bike Part 243:34
Lawless Drag Bike Part 2, PJD Bike Part 4, and Geico Bike Part 343:33
Fallen Heroes Bike and Bling Star Bike Part 143:34
Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 1 and Bling Star Bike Part 243:33
Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 2 and Carolina Carports Bike Part 143:34
Hair Club For Men Part 1, and Carolina Carports Part 243:34
Invitation Accepted43:34
Lee Returns43:34
A Family Divided43:34
A Crew Divided43:34
Mikey's Art Opening43:29
Judgement Day43:34
Offer Denied43:33
American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Deadliest Catch Bike43:33
Cadillac Build-Off Part 143:33
Cadillac Build-Off Part 242:26
The Settlement42:33
Return of the Black Widow43:33
Gears of War43:33
Senior Reaches Out43:33
Mikey's Decision43:34
Top Ten Fights43:34
Mikey's Favorite Moments43:37
Silent Treatment42:34
Communication Breakdown42:33
Top Ten Bikes42:33
Free Rick42:33
Old Rivals42:34
Best Pranks42:34
The Build-Off1:23:37
Winners and Losers43:34
The Apprentice Bike43:34
Operation Reconciliation42:33
Rick's News43:33
The Call42:33
Drastic Step42:33
A Meeting is Set43:34
No Cameras43:34
Mikey Out?43:33
Malaysian Adventure43:33
Change of Heart - Part 148:03
Change of Heart - Part 248:05
PJD Muscle Car43:34
The Build is On43:34
Back in Time43:33
Common Ground43:34
Now or Never43:34
Uncharted Territory43:34
Junior's Surprise43:34
New Venture43:33
Full Circle43:34
A New Company43:33
Junior Frustration43:33
Old Wounds43:34
Troubled Waters43:33
The Last Build43:34
The End42:33