Put Up or Shut Up

X275 1/8-Mile Drag Race War

Season 1 Episode 3 18:07
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On this episode of Put Up or Shut Up, host Brian Lohnes pits the two best X275 drag racing class cars in the world against each other: the orange, nitrous-fed big-block Mustang of "Mean” Dean Marinis and the supercharged small-block blue Mustang of the famed Bruder Brothers, Rich and Nick. With an emphasis on stock bodies and small tires to handle far more than 1,000 hp, X275 class cars are unpredictable, and the racers are not exactly the best of friends. This is an amazingly intense battle between rivals both on and off the track. Maryland International Raceway played host to one of the most awesome nights of small-tire, radial match racing you've ever seen.

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