Vintage Gasser Drag Race Showdown!

Put Up or Shut Up

EP. 2 Season 1

On this episode of Put Up or Shut Up, Brian Lohnes pits two gasser-style drag racing cars against each other in a heads-up eighth-mile drag race. Built to the specs of the 1967 NHRA rule book, these cars are accurate representations of one of drag racing's most popular classes 50 years ago. With former Pro Mod world champion and legendary drag racer Quain Stott taking on up-and-comer Gabriel Burrell, it is a race between an upstart racer and an established veteran in unpredictable, historic cars.

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Strap in and hold on, as PUT UP OR SHUT UP pits the fastest cars and wildest drivers against each other. Bitter rivals and outspoken braggers push their machines to the limit in a tense battle for $10K cash! From high-octane drag racing to white-knuckle hill climbs, engines and egos go head to head to win it all. NHRA and Hot Rod Drag Week announcer Brian Lohnes hosts.
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