Vintage Circle-Track Charger Rescue!
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Vintage Circle-Track Charger Rescue!

Season 7 Episode 81 00:31:57
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About Episode 81

Mike Finnegan has had Charger lust since his childhood exposure to the General Lee on The Dukes of Hazzard, so he recently bought a 1968 Dodge Charger that had been wrecked when new, then hacked into a circle-track race car, all highlighted here on this episode of Roadkill, powered by Dodge. The car was abandoned in 1970 before ever making a lap and has lasted 48 years in as-built condition, complete with giant Ford truck drum brakes, eight-lug wheels, aWillys rearend, a water-pipe rollcage setup, and a freaky suspension configuration. After securing the time-capsule beater at his Georgia wrenching facility, Finneganwent to work alongside buddies Tony Angelo, David Newbern, and Daniel Boshears as they installed a fresh 383 big-block and a Silver Sport Transmissions’six-speed swap along with plenty of other stuff required to drive the Charger to Indianapolis to visit the car’soriginal builder! Then, to finally fulfill the car’s destiny, Finnegan and Angelowrap up the revival with some hot laps at a homemade circle track.