V-10 Budget Rock Bouncer Build! The Rock Viper
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V-10 Budget Rock Bouncer Build! The Rock Viper

Season 7 Episode 73 00:25:17
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About Episode 73

Big-horsepower, full-throttle rock bouncing is taking over the South faster than kudzu. On this episode of Dirt Every Day presented by Tire Rack, Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle want in on the action! But with limited time and money, they decide to build a budget bouncer from a Dodge Truck with a V-10 engine. With an engine like a supercar, they name it the Rock Viper. The guys tear into this truck-based tube chassis at home but decide that to really build a bouncer they need to head south and finish it in Alabama, the home of rock bouncing. Does their big buggy have what it takes to be a legit rock bouncer? Or are the guys outgunned in the Alabama bounce house? Find out on this episode of Dirt Every Day!