Twin-Engine, 1,000hp, 16-Cylinder AWD GT-R Killer!!! The Twinpala Gets Boosted and Hits the Dragstrip!

Season 7 Episode 82 00:24:43
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About Episode 82

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage, hosts Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take the Twinpala, a twin LS-engined ’06 Chevy Impala SS and turn it up to 11! A completely insane twin-turbo system boosts the two stock LS4 engines to more than 900 WHP. The stock transmissions can’t hang, so the boys install two Gearstar upgraded 4T65Es and get ready for action. At Maple Grove Raceway, Angelo pilots the Redneck Veyron to crush the quarter-mile at more than 139 miles per hour, and 10.40 e.t. on street tires! HOT ROD Garage has never been wilder!