Twice the Power, Half the Trucks, + Leah Pritchett!
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Twice the Power, Half the Trucks, + Leah Pritchett!

Season 8 Episode 90 00:31:46
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About Episode 90

What happens when you take the front half of two separate four-wheel-drive vehicles and combine them into one? David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan are back in the junkyard to answer that question and make one of Freiburger’s dream schemes come to life! With two engines, four driving wheels, and two steering wheels, is it twice the fun? One thing is for certain: no qualms over who gets to drive—that’s until the guys enlist the help of NHRA Top Fuel Driver Leah Pritchett, who shows impressive prowess with the reciprocating saw and a lack of self-preservation when she agrees to drive this carnival ride. Will it do amazing donuts, drive sideways, or just break in half? Find out as the guys have more best days at work ever on this episode of Roadkill!