Top-End Speed in the Crew Cab Chevelle!

Roadkill Garage

EP. 25 Season 2

Built on the cheap in episode 8, and winner of the highly debated and socially contested autocross of episode 9, the beloved Crew Cab Chevelle is back! The goal: find out how fast the old four door can go in a standing mile. After sitting on the farm for over a year the Chevelle gets a land speed makeover with a full roll cage, a safety adjustment or two, and a homemade aero package. Freiburger gives Dulcich the honor of piloting the crew cab to new heights and only one transmission exploded in the process!

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Roadkill Garage is where David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich show you how to do the wrong thing the right way! Whether the guys are wrenching on project cars from the Roadkill show or creating their own moving violations, you'll always get info and action on Roadkill Garage.
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