The World’s Only "C-Body" Road Runner!
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The World’s Only "C-Body" Road Runner!

Season 7 Episode 87 00:34:32
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About Episode 87

The Road Runner is a highlight of Plymouth’s B-Body platform, sought after by many a hot rodder and collector alike. It’s valuable classic muscle with parts that can be worth more than the whole. Luckily, on this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge, that’s the case as David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan have found the world’s only C-Body Road Runner, a bent-up, crescent-shaped B-Body that had an unfortunate encounter with a light pole. Most people would toss this derelict daily driver to the junkyard, but not the Roadkill guys. They take it from an undriveable scrapheap to a driveable scrapheap in a matter of days. The wounds on this car are far deeper that what’s on the surface, and Freiburger and Finnegan have to use some real Roadkill ingenuity to bring it back to life. The rear suspension and driveshaft were crumpled beyond recognition, and the engine broke free of its mounts and pushed into the radiator. Almost every panel on the car is bent, and the body makes its own right turn, leaving the wheelbase with a difference of more than seven inches side to side. After fabricating their own suspension mounts and fixing everything to the best of their ability, the guys get the car back on the road. But if just getting it rolling again isn’t enough, Freiburger and Finnegan take it to a dirt track to see if its “enhanced” stance makes for better right turns.