The Ultimate Beater Burnout Machine!
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The Ultimate Beater Burnout Machine!

Season 8 Episode 93 00:44:11
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About Episode 93

Roadkill has always been dedicated to the artistry, styling, and raw beauty of all things burnout related. David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan have long considered themselves masters of “burnout-ology,” yet they have never actually entered a burnout competition…until now. Armed with what’s left of a rusted-out ’76 Camaro—a parking lot mini spool upgrade and spare tires—the guys set out across Texas to show how to “scientifically” get the best burnouts. With a desire to win and a stronger desire to kill some tires, the guys enter the burnout competition at the Spring Break Jam car show in South Padre Island, Texas. They know how to do burnouts, that’s a given…but the real question is: Will the Camaro’s engine hold together longer than its tires? Find out on this episode of Roadkill.