The Ugly Truckling Dragster!

Season 7 Episode 76 44:04
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Is it the effort that counts? If so, Roadkill powered by Dodge wins again on this episode! In the early ’50s, the first dedicated drag-race cars were ’rail jobs—vehicles stripped down to nothing but the frame and drivetrain to build the lightest setup for speed. Applying that concept, David Freiburger figured that a big-block pickup would make a great modern-day ’rail job. He scored a cheap GMC Crew Cab, and things got out of control in a way that ended up with Lucky Costa, Steve Dulcich, and Calin Head helping to lay the groundwork of a monster before Mike Finnegan showed up to zap the whole thing together. Then Freiburger and Finnegan drove the mid-engined, road-going dragster 500 miles to the Roadkill Zip-Tie Drags at Tucson Dragway. All we can say is the whole thing performed as expected. Or at least probably as you expected, not so much for Freiburger.

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