The Original Vette Kart Returns!
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The Original Vette Kart Returns!

Season 7 Episode 75 00:36:58
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About Episode 75

This is Roadkill, powered by Dodge! Way back in 2010 before Roadkill was even a thing, hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan built (or unbuilt) the Vette Kart, a 1985 Chevy Corvette that was stripped to nothing but a chassis and powertrain to save weight and go fast for cheap. The Kart contraption was first seen on Roadkill, Episode 35, and later on Episode 47, and it inspired a legion of people to build similar rides. The Vette Kart has proven itself on the autocross, big track, and dragstrip, and now the guys are bringing it back to round out its motorsports accomplishments with sand-dune blasting and Roadkill’s least-predictable stunt yet: skiing a car, which means driving on two wheels! Joining the guys for the adventure is stuntman James Smith, a ski-car specialist. He thinks Roadkill picked the worst car possible for learning to ski, and after watching the episode, you’ll probably agree. Roadkill is supported by Jegs, Pilot Auto Transport, Optima Batteries, Gearstar Transmissions, and EBC Brakes.