The Long Road to Recovery: Jessi Lang on Surviving a Near-Fatal Car Crash

The J-Turn

EP. 18 Season 2

One year ago, Jessi Lang, star of the Motor Trend show “The J-Turn,” suddenly disappeared from the Motor Trend Channel. Jessi had been involved in a near-fatal crash, the result of another driver's error, while on assignment in Germany. With more than a dozen serious injuries and a shattered leg that has required numerous surgeries, her road to recovery has been long and arduous. Though Jessi's rehabilitation is far from over, she's returned for a special edition of The J-Turn to share her story...

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Join popular Motor Trend host Jessi Lang on The J-Turn as she chases every automotive dream she has ever fathomed! Watch as Jessi teams up with seasoned pros to indulge her passion for rally racing, autocross, ice-driving, hot lapping and other motorsports.
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