Roadkill Garage

The 650HP Clevo Commando Begins!

Season 3 Episode 32 24:29
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Yes, we’re talking 650 horsepower from a Ford Cleveland engine in a Jeep Commando! If you’re thinking this is stupid, you’re right; in Roadkill style, we’re putting great parts on questionable cars in the hunt for massive burnouts, fast quarter-mile times, big wheelies, and—this time—ridiculously overpowered action in the sand and dirt drags. The Clevo Commando will take months to finish, but we’re kicking off the project on this episode that gives you a gander at the weirdo Jeep as we hack the sheetmetal to clear big Bogger tires, then give you the buildup recipe for a 406ci Cleveland that proves its power with bigger numbers on the dyno than even expected, even from guest-star Steve Brulé of Engine Masters. Stay tuned for a future episode where we wrap it all up.

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