Suspension Upgrades for the Disgustang!
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Suspension Upgrades for the Disgustang!

Season 4 Episode 45 00:25:26
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About Episode 45

What’s the use of more power if you can’t handle it? Last episode, David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich refreshed the drivetrain in the Disgustang but now they are tackling the rest of the project to truly make it a daily-driving beast. Up front, it’s getting a new suspension with plenty of stiffening to the flimsy Ford while still making it a smooth ride. In the hind quarters, they are upgrading the shocks, swapping the rear gears, and beefing up the axles. Once everything is together, the guys finally get to take the Disgustang on its maiden voyage. Will it pass the Roadkill daily-driver test? Find out on this episode of Roadkill Garage!