Super Bee vs Road Runner: Which Came First?
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Super Bee vs Road Runner: Which Came First?

Season 3 Episode 1 00:26:40
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About Episode 1

On this episode of Roadkill's Junkyard Gold, Steve Magnante teaches us about the birds and the bees, Plymouth Road Runners and Dodge Super Bees that is.  We know these are some of the hottest muscle cars going, but how did they come about?  Follow along as Magnante scours a private New Hampshire yard and discovers an “x-ray vision” 1969 ‘Runner and a 1973 ‘Runner with colors fit for “The King.” On the Dodge side of things, a B-5 Blue Super Bee shows off its factory installed Hurst floor shift, and a 1971 ‘Bee gives us a look at the very last Super Bee of them all…or is it?