Snow Racing an Avalanche

Dirt Every Day

EP. 61 Season 6

Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle drag a tired, old ’03 Chevy Avalanche out of the cobwebs and spruce it up for a north Idaho snow race—because nothing is faster in the snow than an Avalanche! The big truck has an 8.1L big-block and solid 1-ton axles front and rear, but the tires are only 37 inches tall. Will it be enough to win the race, or will the big truck get snowbank stuck? Watch this episode of Dirt Every Day to find out.

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Dirt Every Day showcases the 4x4 lifestyle, sharing off-roading know-how, tech upgrades and adventures in various trucks, Jeeps, buggys and go-anywhere machinery. Whether racing or rockcrawling, mud bogging or overland camping--get ready to hit the dirt!
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