See More of the Roadkill Crusher Impala
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See More of the Roadkill Crusher Impala

Season 15 Episode 311 00:06:11
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About Episode 311

The Crusher Impala is the 1969 Chevy that swallowed the 489ci, supercharged big-block engine that used to live in the famed Crusher Camaro. The Impala first appeared on a special Roadkill episode with the blokes from Mighty Car Mods, and later—on Episode 65—the guys spruced up the Impala a bit and raced it against the Roadkill Rotsun. The Impala will soon find its way to Roadkill Garage for some more upgrades, but first, this episode of Roadkill Extra will give you an update on the car’s condition and some of the stuff you’ll see in coming episodes on Motor Trend OnDemand.