Roadkill Shootout Special: Battle of the Network Stars!
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Roadkill Shootout Special: Battle of the Network Stars!

Season 7 Episode 86 00:36:57
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About Episode 86

It’s a Roadkill challenge like no other. David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan are joined by Motor Trend originals' hosts for an all-out war on tires on this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge. Watch as Head 2 Head and Ignition’s Jethro Bovingdon, Junkyard Gold’s Steve Magnante, HOT ROD Garage’s Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa, and Roadkill Garage’s Steve Dulcich all join the guys for two epic days of tire destruction on both a road course and on the dragstrip. We know the Best Driver’s Car winner, but who is the “Best Driver of Cars” among these maniacal motorheads? Will the Roadkill guys be able to drive a new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye without destroying it? Will Bovingdon be able to drive a Roadkill car without contracting tetanus? What will blow up first, the racers’ egos or whatever car Angelo is driving?