Roadkill Muscle Truck vs. Mopar Muscle Truck
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Roadkill Muscle Truck vs. Mopar Muscle Truck

Season 2 Episode 15 00:24:34
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About Episode 15

Lurking in the background of many episodes of Roadkill Garage is Steve Dulcich’s 1973 Dodge D100 stepside pickup, his pet project loaded with a 550hp, 360ci, 7,000-rpm small-block Mopar and a four-speed. In this episode, the Mopar Muscle Truck comes into the spotlight as Dulcich and David Freiburger finally wrap up the last details of the buildup that have been lingering for more than a year, then hit the road. A shootout with the LS6-powered Roadkill 1974 Chevy C10 stepside seemed like the obvious plotline. But can the famed Roadkill Muscle Truck outrun the Roadkill Garage Mopar Muscle Truck? Inquiring minds will watch the episode to find out.