Road Trip Survival: The LUV Is All You Need!
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Road Trip Survival: The LUV Is All You Need!

Season 8 Episode 99 00:41:52
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About Episode 99

When is taking untested, unreliable junk on a road trip a bad idea? Eh, maybe 90 percent of the time, but not when you have a buddy who’s up for weathering any storm by your side. On this episode of Roadkill, Mike Finnegan and Tony Angelo take on a big adventure in a little truck. Sight unseen they buy a mid-’70s Chevy LUV mini-truck and hit the road, enduring miles of electrical problems, epic torrential downpours, water in the engine, and floods, and yet they still manage to install nitrous on the wee four-banger. Will Angelo blow it up, or will it do the longest nitrous burnout in Roadkill history? Find out on this awesome Roadkill adventure.