Return of the Mopar Muscle Truck!
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Return of the Mopar Muscle Truck!

Season 2 Episode 21 00:22:32
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About Episode 21

The Dulcich D100 is back! On Roadkill Garage Episode 15, you were introduced to this Mopar Muscle Truck, a shortbed stepside that we loaded with a 500hp, 360ci small-block before taking it drag racing at Roadkill’s first-ever Zip-Tie Drags. After that, Steve Dulcich drove the truck everywhere for months, including using it for tow duty. Unfortunately, after the Dodge was used to haul the Crusher Camaro to the track one day, it had a massive meltdown, when a hole appeared in a cylinder wall. Dulcich removed the 360 and installed a 400hp, 318ci engine to keep the truck in service. David Freiburger couldn’t allow that, downgrading the Mopar Muscle Truck to the Mopar Yoga-Class Truck. Watch the action on this episode as the guys install a fresh, 550hp, 408ci engine! Were the truck’s other dragstrip deficiencies addressed? Of course not! But that never stops Roadkill Garage from trying—even if it leaves our projects in pieces by the time we’re done.