Re-Crowning the Hick!
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Re-Crowning the Hick!

Season 7 Episode 74 00:23:41
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About Episode 74

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage, Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa revive one of the most popular HRG builds ever, the Crown Hick. This do-everything shop truck is really a 2007 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor dressed up as a 1966 F-100. The Hick has been out of commission since it dominated the Roadkill truck shootout, leaving it battered and broken. The guys set out to get the truck back on the road, and make it better than ever. A Gearstar 4R75W replaces the trashed cop gearbox, a set of adjustable coilover suspension enhances the handling, and a bunch of fabricated bracing makes the whole truck more stable! At the end of the episode, the Crown Hick is king once again!