Racing One Lap of America! Kinda.
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Racing One Lap of America! Kinda.

Season 6 Episode 68 00:28:21
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About Episode 68

The Tire Rack One Lap of America 2017 was a race involving 19 events at 8 tracks over a 3,500-mile road trip. Can you imagine Roadkill surviving that unscathed? No! If you saw our last episode you know that Mike Finnegan's 1969 Pontiac, which we built in three days, blew up an engine early in the race. Along with guest hosts Tony Angelo of Hot Rod Garage and Elana Scherr from, Finnegan and Freiburger dive in to fix the Pontiac engine and hit the road to redemption! Roadkill is powered by Dodge, and it's easy to see why when Tony caps it all off with merciless drifting in the Challenger SRT Hellcat that Elana and Freiburger were using to stomp the One Lap tracks.