Part 4: Alabama Army Truck - Mud Boggin!
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Part 4: Alabama Army Truck - Mud Boggin!

Season 2 Episode 17 00:11:40
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About Episode 17

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred says goodbye to the Alabama Army Truck with a mud bath. A few years back Fred Williams had an old Chevy Army truck that was stolen, so when he came across a deal on another '86 Chevy CUCV K30 truck, he jumped on it. First step was to get it running and see what it will do in stock form. From there, Fred added bigger tires, a lift kit and a supercharged Chevrolet Performance eROD 6.2L straight out of a Cadillac CTS-V! Now, with the project complete, Fred rewards himself and the truck with a mud treatment.