Overlanding Minibike Mayhem
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Overlanding Minibike Mayhem

Season 6 Episode 63 00:23:49
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About Episode 63

On this episode of Dirt Every Day presented by Tire Rack, Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle embark on an overlanding trip of epic proportions on motorcycles of minor proportions. Dave, a diehard motorcycle fan, finally convinces Fred to do a moto episode of DED, but bike-rookie Fred picks what he assumes will be the easiest bike to ride: a Coleman minibike from the local Tractor Supply. The 6hp bikes are then loaded down with gear strapped on like a pack mule. What’s left is a 20-mile adventure on tiny machines with zero suspension over rocky desert hills and through rushing mountain streams of northwest Arizona. Fred will learn that even small bikes can battle their way to the top, but some guys are really not meant to ride on two wheels.