The House of Muscle

Northern Bel: The Ultimate Belvedere

Season 1 Episode 3 14:22
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Mike Musto – “My favorite episode of The House Of Muscle thus far would be Episode 3: The Ultimate Belvedere. Honestly, I’m amazed this car exists. It’s got 1,600-hp, goes over 200-mph, has the build quality of a Bugatti and all in a 1967 Plymouth wrapper. This is a 50 year old car that defies physics and that was built to be comfortable, reliable and UNGODLY fast - it accomplishes all those things. I don’t get scared of many things, but this car frightened me. We filmed it on a 30 degree day in November in Ohio, and when you get wheel spin at 100+mph at 1/4 throttle, it makes you pray a little bit. People and builders always talk about what their cars can do, but David (the owner) actually did it. It’s also the first car to showcase what The House Of Muscle was truly all about.”

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