No Pavement - Overlanding Phoenix to Crown King to Payson! Part 2
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No Pavement - Overlanding Phoenix to Crown King to Payson! Part 2

Season 5 Episode 2 00:18:34
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About Episode 2

Part 2 of Ultimate Adventure 2017. The standard Ultimate Adventure formula has typically been one hardcore off-road day followed by a long, slogging road day to get to the next trail system. However, for UA2017 even our road days required low-range. With another incredibly hot day in store, we began Day Two high-tailing it out of Phoenix, Arizona, into the outlying mountains and began climbing in elevation. As the trail continued the scenery got better, the terrain got a bit more challenging, and mechanical issues began to manifest themselves. By the time we got to our camp that night, we had plenty of repairs to make from rebuilding a steering box to bending suspension links back into shape, welding stuff back together, and more. Day Three began early and promised an equally slim amount of pavement as Day Two as we hopped on the DeSoto Mine Trail. With rocky ledges, steep switcbacks, and killer scenery, the hot, dusty trail continued until many of the vehicles were on vapors. After a quick fuel stop, we were back on dirt and more overlanding, taking the Great Western Trail to our final destination for the day. In the end, this would the longest off-road day in Ultimate Adventure history. But it’s not over and the rest of UA2017 would see more firsts for this event.