Model A Madness!

Season 3 Episode 38 00:28:38
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About Episode 38

For years, David Freiburger has wanted a true running and drivable hot rod but has never been able to pull one from the halls of neglect to finish it…until now. On this episode of Roadkill Garage powered by Dodge, meet Freiburger and Steve Dulcich's new project car, a Model A on ’32 Ford rails. With three days to get this roller running, there’s not much to do other than install a Chevy small-block and Turbo 350 trans, build the brakes, install new axles and gears, do all of the wiring and plumbing, and, of course, add a tunnel-ram! Maybe it’s a little ambitious to build in three days, but Freiburger’s mantra is: don’t get it right, just get it running. After all, you really have to get a hot rod on the road before you can tell if you’re in love or not. The guys hit some roadblocks with compression issues that send their heads spinning but manage to eventually get it on the road. This leaves only one question unanswered: Will Freiburger love it or will another project fall to neglect?